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Transform your relationship with food.

I’ve been in your shoes, grasping at unhealthy ways to change my body, spending too much time poking, pinching, weighing and counting. I’ve obsessed about carbs and calories. I’ve tried to control my life by controlling what I eat, only to wind up feeling out of control and miserable. I know how painful it is to feel like you’re locked in a battle with your own body. It’s exhausting and uncomfortable.

I finally vowed to end the violence against my body, and want to teach you to do the same. I want you to know that it is possible to break out of that cycle. I’m here to help you stop the food-body-weight struggle once and for all… so you can free up your time and energy for the things that really matter. Like being with your kids, making beautiful memories, doing work that inspires you, and enjoying your life!



It’s time to stop the vicious cycle of dieting, and taste the sweet freedom that fills your life once you stop fighting food and lose the diet mentality.  

The road from restrictive eating and dieting to having a peaceful relationship with food is a journey and I can be your guide. As your coach, I will help you become the healthiest, most confident version of yourself.

My work is not about shedding weight as rapidly as possible by using a restrictive diet, detox, meal plan, or cleanse—because those never work! Instead of gimmicky diets, we’ll focus on deep, permanent transformation. I’ll help you make long-lasting shifts, not temporary ones.

I’m here to help you end the struggle with chronic dieting/deprivation and poor body image—and get you feeling healthier and more confident than you’ve felt in years! Stop your obsession with food, learn how to eat in a way that truly nourishes your body and start obsessing about the things that matter most in your world like your family, your friends and the mark you want to leave in this world!

Peace Out Diets Online Course!

Join me in my signature online course where I teach you everything you need to know to ditch dieting for good. You'll learn the truth about health and weight, how to do Intuitive Eating without turning it into another diet, how to actually like your body, how to talk to your kids about food and body, how to be more compassionate with yourself, how to coach yourself, how to curate your closet so you wake up excited to get dressed and so much more. 40 audios, 20+ journaling prompts at an unbeatable price.

Ready to start feeling more peace around food and your body?

Get my 10 steps audio guide that will help you understand why dieting doesn't work. I will teach you how to ditch diets for good so that you can have more time, money and energy in your life to do the things that truly matter to you. Plus receive my weekly(ish) advice.


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