Vinyasa Yoga Anytime, Anwhere.

You will finally be able to prioritize your self-care with a little Ommm in your home!


BUSY mamas, I see you.

Are you tired of putting yourself last on your to-do list?

Do you keep making excuses like not having enough time or energy to find a decent yoga class?

Do you wish it didn't take so long to get to your favorite studio and that you didn't have to pay a sitter?

Are you tired of mediocre classes when you do find the miracle of time, a sitter and clean yoga pants?

Are you looking for a way to manage your stress and anxiety?

Are you ready to make peace with your body and learn how to listen to and connect with her?

MindBody YogaFlow is here.

This monthly or annual membership gives you access to a vast library of Vinyasa yoga classes taught by Andrea Dow.

Classes in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

No more excuses.

No more spending time and money trying to find a decent instructor and class.

Grab your mat and let's get down(dog).



What You'll Learn

The Mindbody YogaFlow program has a library of classes that have been carefully created and instructed so you can experience a comprehensive, safe and effective Vinyasa yoga class. 

You will learn how to safely transition between poses, how to connect your breath and body together and how to use proper body mechanics in order to minimize injury and maximize your time on your mat.

When you commit to your practice, you will feel recharged, reconnected, challenged and centered.

What You'll Get

The MindBody YogaFlow program is continually updated with classes that vary in topic from upper body, lower body, twists, core, balance, chest expansion and more.

Most classes are 60 minutes long, but you'll also find 30 and 45 minute classes along with a15 minute mini classes and meditations.

Once you're part of the family, you can request any class length and topic you'd like to see in the library and I'll create something especially for you!

View classes anytime, anywhere, at your convenience and on your schedule. Busy mamas, I created this program just for you.

Not sure if my classes are right for you? Click HERE to try a FREE 60 minute vinyasa class! 


"Andrea cuts through all the clutter of your busy life, cuts through any self-imposed hesitation, cuts through anything holding you back... and finds a way to bring out the best in yourself. She finds strength and depth you didn’t know you had. Her cues are brilliant and have pushed my practice to a place I didn’t even know it could go. Her knowledge of the body is outstanding — her small tweaks to a pose — tweaks she can astutely see that are needed for your own unique body, different than the tweaks she gives the person on the mat next to you — take you to a completely different level of work and understanding of your own body. Her affirming voice takes you through each breathe and each move with both assurance and challenge. She challenges you to find that inner strength and go to that next level physically, while also challenging you to do the same in your mind — overcome any worries you came into class with that day and leave stronger mentally as well as physically. I love that her voice and her lessons can stay with me in my own practice at home — I can hear her cues… both my mind and my body benefit for many days after each time in her class."

- Dana

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